N61 Hiroshima Tulip Needles Applique Needles #11

N61 Hiroshima Tulip Needles Applique Needles #11

Hiroshima Tulip

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These needles are phenomenal. Able to get tiny even stitches while doing needle turn appliqué.
These needles seem to be a bit thinner, they are super sharp and very strong. Despite their smoothness and thinness these needles seem to be much stronger and far less apt to bending than other brands as well.
These needles make enjoyment of hand sewing even greater!
  • Size 11 Contains 6 Needles
  • High quality needles made in Japan
  • Polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing
  • A must buy product
  • Used for silk ribbon and yarn embroidery, typing quilts and candle wicking

This product should be used for sewing purposes only, keep out of reach of small children

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